The Interview

I wish this post title didn’t coincide with a movie of the same name, despite the fact that both are about job opportunities at Google.

So yeah. Now that I’ve admitted my job opportunity to my boss I feel more comfortable blogging about this. I will have to write myself an IOU for 2 blog posts – one about ComicCon and the other about my recent adventures with a Raspberry Pi.

In two weeks I fly up to Mountain View, CA for a 5-hour interview. I don’t think even the Engineering positions at Sony had that long of an interview, but I am looking forward to it. I just hope I have some time to decompress and recompress between ComicCon ending Sunday and my flight leaving Monday morning. I hear my hotel room will have a Rubix Cube and/or Etch-A-Sketch in it… I think I’ll be alright!

During my most recent phone interview at Google I didn’t put my best foot forward – I didn’t vocalize my thought process enough, I stumbled through a couple technical questions I really should know better, and I didn’t demonstrate my ability to prioritize and make quick and effective judgement calls. But somewhere in there I guess they must have seen my Diamond in the Rough skillset; I am really looking forward to sitting down and bumping elbows with some interesting IT/tech leaders, whether or not I end up with a job offer after the experience.

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