TechEd 2011

And another week flys by!  I barely cooled my jets from Symantec Vision and I’m off to another conference.  Where Vision felt like a mini-vacation, TechEd was Serious Business™. Another great experience, and for people just getting into the enterprise world of IT + CMS it’s a must-have.  Unlike Vision, the sessions/panels I attended were less product-pitch and more real-world lessons and insight.  Worth the price of the pass and ticket for sure, but the definite complaint is all the e-mails and phone calls from various vendors wanting to sell me stuff.  I promise I only went to your booth for the free light-up pen.

Speaking of which…. damn you – You tweeted at me saying I won 1000 dollars, but only later did I find out that it’s store-credit for your Video Professor-esque training classes. How bittersweet (80%/20%)!

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